General Profile Basic statistics, official profiles and a more indepth overview.
Name The origins of Tifa's names and the correct spelling of her surname.
Apparel and Design Tifa's outfits throughout the game and design information.
Blood Type Information about and an analysis of Tifa's blood type.
Astrology Information about and an analysis of Tifa's zodiac sign, Taurus.
Her Story The adventure of Final Fantasy VII through Tifa's eyes.
Love Triangle Intelligent insight into Cloud & Tifa's relationship.
Johnny Tifa's childhood friend and admirer.
AVALANCHE The anti-ShinRa terrorist group of which Tifa is a key member.
Nibelheim Tifa's hometown and significant nearby locations.

Perfect Data Tifa's combat statistics with comments and comparisons.
Weapons Statistics, pictures, locations and prices of Tifa's various gloves.
Limit Breaks Descriptions and images of Tifa's limit breaks.
Body Language Tifa's actions in battle and general habits throughout the game.
Love Parameter What it is, its affect on gameplay and how it can be altered.
Analects of Tifa Short quotations and entire scripts of scenes.

Timeline An extremely thorough timeline detailing the events pre-game.
Hack & Slash Random and generally superficial observations.
Changes Alterations and mistakes made between the game's different versions.
Staff Those who worked on FF7, and their opinions of it.
Monks A chronology of the class throughout the Final Fantasy franchise.
Merchandise Reviews of Tifa and FF7-related items you can buy.